We want to turn unconventional thinking into common sense.

We're a team dedicated to taking ideas surrounded with stereotypes and making them free.

Message From CEO

The Mikle Mirakle

In a word, I would describe Mikle as a collection of people who don't follow commonly-accepted rules.

Some people might say that we are lacking in so-called "common sense," but I like to think of us as a group of individuals trying our best to think for ourselves and create something new, without being tied down by social convention.

Since this company was founded, we have remained committed to leading fulfilling lives and leisurely pursuing our own interests in this turbulent age of constant change in the IT industry.

The basic belief that I have continued to test in my own life is a simple one: "If my family is happy, then I'll be happy, too." Since it's impossible to make comparisons, I have no way of knowing if this is actually true, but after ten years, it feels truer than ever.

Putting family before work goes against the social norms in Japan, but that's what we do at Mikle. However, we wouldn't be where we are now if all we did was break the rules.

I think that what makes Mikle special is that we have a wonderful team of “deviants” who are constantly challenging the norms and testing new ideas.

"I want to change the rules." Naoki Fukui, President

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What We Do

web services

Web Services

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Idea business

Idea Business

We work in collaboration with the research and development team "Hirameki Foundation" whom our representative Naoki Fukui presents ideas to, and which then create the framework "Idea theory" for those ideas. Then, in order to allow that theory to be utilized and understood by both corporations as well as individuals "Idea Workout" we provide our services to spread those ideas.

Real Estate

Real Estate

Utilizing our strength of understanding the stereotypes surrounding ideas, as well as the strength of those in the real estate information service field, while tackling and solving problems concerning real estate, we also offer our services to add additional, new value.

Company Profile


Mikle KK


July, 2008


6F 2-2-6 Roppongi Minato-ku Tokyo 106-0032 Japan


President & CEO – Naoki Fukui

COO – Jaehong Lee

CAO – Takeshi Yamashita

CTO – Yuichiro Tanaka

type of business

Bulletin board service

Hosting forums on real estate

Providing online RSS reader

Providing feed blog widget